Supplies Needed:

  1. AP405 - Embossable Window Plastic™
  2. GP005 - Diamond Glaze™
  3. IP001 - Permanent Ink
  4. IP003 - Blank Stamp Pad
  5. CLF01 - Permanent Ink Cleaner
  6. WBS01 - Paintbrush Set (3)
  7. Dye Ink Refills at least 3 colors.
  8. Variety of stamps
Step 1: Stamp with permanent ink onto Embossable Window Plastic. Turn over plastic and apply approximately 4 cm diameter of Diamond Glaze™.
Step 2: Add 2 drops each of dye based ink. If necessary use a color wheel to determine which colors will blend to create attractive color combinations. Note: too much ink will not allow the Diamond Glaze™ to dry.
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Step 3: Using a paintbrush or your finger, spread tinted Diamond Glaze™ to edges of Embossable Window Plastic. Try to spread evenly, and without working the colors too much as they may become muddy.
Step 4: Crumple and uncrumple a sheet of tissue paper (the Window Plastic comes with tissue paper between sheets, however these sheets are not always white) and lay over the wet Diamond Glaze™. Be sure to tap out air bubbles and let dry (approximately 2 hours).
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Step 5: Trim stained glaze piece and apply to cards using small amounts of Diamond Glaze™.
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