Q: What size bottles is Diamond Glaze™ available in?

A: Diamond Glaze™ is available in 3 sizes:

  • 10 ml with mini tip.
  • 2 oz. with long applicator tip.
  • 8 oz. with short applicator tip.
  • 16 oz. refill
Q: How do you use Diamond Glaze™?

A: Diamond Glaze™ is great for application of glitter, beads, charms and other trinkets.

Also, a thin layer of Diamond Glaze ™ is a perfect way to create a glossy layer that enhances and protects your work. It is best when used on thicker paper or stock.

Q: My bottle has colored marks on the bottom so I should not have problems with cracking, right?

A: Yes, you have a bottle from a quality tested and good batch of Diamond Glaze™. However sometimes, even from these tested batches, cracks occur from environment conditions: temperature, humidity, or thick applications over a non-rigid surfaces. A flexible surface will sometimes flex during the last bit of drying and will cause a wrinkle which sometimes looks like a crack. Also, we've found that sometimes an impatient user will pick up their craft piece to see if the Diamond Glaze™ is dry and they will inadvertently disturb the drying process causing very fine imprefections to the surface. Be patient.
Q: Is Diamond Glaze™ permanent?
A: Diamond Glaze™ is water soluble when wet and washes easily with soap and water. When dry it makes a permanent adhesive, difficult to remove. We recommend covering any work surface when using.
Q: Is Diamond Glaze™ acid free?
A: Yes.
Q: Can you mix Diamond Glaze™ with other media?
A: Yes, it mixes well with dye-based inks, watercolor, pearlescent pigments, and pastel chalks.
Q: How long does it take to dry?
A: It depends on the thickness of application. If you apply a thin layer, Diamond Glaze can dry in munutes. A layer that is 1mm thick can take up to 2 to 3 hours to dry depending on the humidity.
Q: How do you get Diamond Glaze™ out of your clothes?
A: That's a tough one. While the glaze is wet, you can wash with soap and water. When it dries, you have a permanent embellishment to your outfit. We are looking for a solvent for cleaning dried Diamond Glaze™, but at this time we recommend soaking in water before it dries.
Q: Does Diamond Glaze™ work well on fabrics or with heat?
A: Diaomnd Glaze™ is not the best for gluing fabrics. It makes thin and delicate fabrics look wet. Because it is a great adhesive it can hold the fabric in place, but unless you can camouflage the area, a different adhesive may be better.
Q: Does Diamond Glaze™ yellow over time?
A: When applied in a thick layer or exposed to prolonged sunlight, it may yellow.
Q: Once dry is Diamond Glaze™ scratch resistant?
A: Diamond Glaze™ is permanent & dries hard, but is not completely scratch resistant.
Q: I hear there's a problem with Diamond Glaze™ cracking when it dries?

A: A bad batch of Diamond Glaze™ was produced in November 2008. Only 2 and 10 fluid ounce bottles were affected. If you suspect you have a bottle from this batch, check the bottom of your bottle. If there's a colored mark—you have the newest batches of Diamond Glaze™ and all is good. If there is only a dark green mark (lime green is ok) or no markings, you may have the batch that cracks.

Q: Is Diamond Glaze™ waterproof?

A: It was designed to be used for cardmaking, and can be very useful in other projects. However, it is water soluable not waterproof.

Q: What do you do about bubbles?

A: There are a variety of reasons why bubbles can occur:

  • Do not shake the bottle. If the bottle has been shaken, bubbles that are generated get trapped. If it sits for a long time, they eventually dissipate.
  • When applying Diamond Glaze™ directly out of the applicator tip, first squeeze a small amount onto a piece of scratch paper. The first amount of Diamond Glaze™ out of the applicator will have air trapped in the tube that can create a series of bubbles. Move over to the project you're working on without letting air back into the tip and continue to apply the Diamond Glaze™
  • If applying Diamond Glaze™ with a paintbrush, it's best to move your brush slowly and in a linear direction. If you move too quickly or in a circular motion, this can generate bubbles. Also, be sure the brush is free of excess water as that will mix inconsistently with the Diamond Glaze™ thus creating bubbles.
  • When you have a series of bubbles you can take a dry paint brush and pop the bubbles.

Q: How does one avoid the ink bleeding when using Diamond Glaze?

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A: Diamond Glaze is water-soluble. Colored pencils, as well as permanent and alcohol inks should work nicely. Basically anything that is not water-soluable.

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