Diamond Glaze
So, what is Diamond Glaze?

Diamond Glaze is a water based dimensional glaze that dries to a clear glass-like finish. But it is also a super strong adhesive that bonds to glass, metal, paper and plastic. Unlike other clear adhesives, Diamond Glaze can be mixed with dye-based inks, watercolors and pearlescent pigments.This creates an infinite number of color possibilities that can be applied to a wide variety of materials.

Here are some of our favorite techniques:

Diamond Glaze Collection

Diamond Glaze as drop of water


Apply Diamond Glaze using the precise dropper tip that comes with our 2oz bottle to create faux droplets of water. The droplets look cloudy when wet but will turn glass clear and will remain dimensional when dry. Since Diamond Glaze dries glossy they will always look wet. This technique will work on any surface but best results are on printed papers and images colored with pencils.
Because Diamond Glaze dries crystal clear and adheres to glass it makes the perfect adhesive for gluing glass tiles or glass pebbles over your art work. Add a jewelry bale or hanger and you have a necklace charm for every occasion. Or add a magnet to make an ornament for the fridge. Diamond Glaze Glues Glass
Diamond Glaze on beads

Use it for applying glitter, beads and charms to your cards and pages.

Also excellent for making paper beads.

Mix with dye-based inks for a colorful glossy painting. Just add one drop of a light colored ink to a penny size dollop Diamond Glaze. Can be applied with brush Cleans with water while wet, but is permanent when dried.